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Dental Nurses

Dental Nurses at Camden Place, Preston

Dental nurses are an important part of any dental practice and we here at Camden Place have some fantastic dental nurses aiding our dental surgeons.

Belinda Roskell

Belinda Roskell - Dental Nurse, PrestonBelinda has been nursing for over 20 years and loves everything about dentistry. Belinda says, ‘my greatest satisfaction is when patients get their new smiles because at Camden Place Dental Practice the work we deliver is life-changing’, be it crowns, bridges, implants or dentures.

Belinda is also someone patients can relate to and discuss treatment should they wish. Belinda herself has had Same Day Teeth on the upper and lower jaws with implant-retained bridgework after many years of denture-wearing. Needless to say, she loves her new life-changing smile!

Kerry Hardiker

Kerry Hardiker - Dental Nurse, PrestonKerry has been a dental nurse for over 10 years and has been fully qualified since 2010.

Kerry is an extremely experienced dental nurse within all disciplines of dentistry. Since moving to Camden Place in December 2013, Kerry says ‘I have enjoyed every minute here. I consider myself very lucky as I love my job. Everyday is different and always brings something new to learn’.

Hollie Bradley

Dental Nurses at Camden Place Preston, Hollie Bradley

Hollie has been a Dental Nurse for 8 years and has been fully qualified since 2011. Since moving to Camden Place Dental Practice in 2015 Hollie says, ‘I enjoy working here, every day is different and I have learnt a lot’