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Private Dentist Camden Place Preston

Private Dentist, Camden Place Preston!

Looking for a new private dentist?

Having a private dentist used to only be done by a select few, now they are much more common and one of the best way for patients to get the correct and most reliable care their mouths deserve.

If you are thinking about joining our practice and were unsure of the benefits of private dental care within the UK then here are some points we think you’d find interesting.

  1. Although the NHS offers cheaper practice plans and treatment prices, the cost can still be as high as visiting a private dental practice. This is because the NHS works by providing a subsidised cost, therefore there is still a sum of money to pay by the patient.
  2. NHS dentistry does not cover all treatments, meaning you may still have to look to a private practice for the correct care and treatment for your teeth.
  3. Appointments are hard to secure. With the budget for NHS dentistry being relatively small this can have an impact on the availability of dentists, meaning that there may not be appointments available in your local area and you may need to look for another alternative.
  4. In an emergency, the quickest and most effective form of treatment is often given by a private dentist. As mentioned, NHS dentist’ availability is incredibly limited and at short notice this can be even more strained.
  5. Private dentistry is more affordable than ever! With practice plans, low-cost finance options and cheaper treatment costs, private dental practices must remain competitive in the market, therefore costs are being driven down.
  6. Cosmetic treatments are not usually given by NHS dentists, as their sole purpose is to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Teeth whitening, Invisalign clear braces and veneers will not usually be covered by an NHS dentist.
  7. The UK has very highly trained private dentists who offer the most cutting edge treatments to their patients which include teeth whitening and teeth straightening treatments.

So, there we have it, just some of the reasons why going private could be the best option for you and your teeth. If you’re interested in our price plan or would simply like to discuss the options available to you then please do not hesitate to contact us, or call 01772 556 050 to arrange a free consultation.

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Happy New Year Camden Place Preston

Happy New Year!

We would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, we look forward to 2017 and your continued support!

All the best,

The Camden Place Team!

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Merry Christmas from Camden Place, Preston

Merry Christmas from Camden Place!

We here at Camden Place dental practice, Preston, would like to wish all our patients a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

We would also like to thank you for your continued support throughout 2016 and wish you all the best over this festive period.

The Camden Place Team!

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Cosmetic Dentists Preston

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Get your smile makeover at Camden Place, Preston!

Cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic dentistry, as it is sometimes known, is a way of improving the appearance of your teeth. Dentistry is no longer getting a filling and or having a tooth removed, patients can now choose from a multitude of treatments to help correct and enhance their teeth to give them the smile that they have always wanted.

Here at Camden Place, Preston, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you achieve that all important smile. From cosmetic veneers, EMAX crowns to teeth whitening, we can even provide clear Invisalign brace technology to help improve the look and shape of the teeth within the gums.

Not only do we provide all these procedures from our Preston clinic we have also created the ‘Smile Makeover’. Made for those looking to completely transform their smile, the Smile Makeover is the perfect option. We specifically design your smile and not only treat teeth in isolation but the whole facial profile, giving you a bespoke and customised makeover.

A Smile Makeover isn’t simply putting a crown or veneer on each tooth, it may involve just one or a combination of the cosmetic dentistry treatments below:

  • Teeth whitening to help brighten stained teeth.
  • Cosmetic bonding or porcelain crowns.
  • Porcelain Veneers.
  • Dental Implants.
  • Dental Bridges.
  • Invisalign clear braces.
  • Laser gum contouring to remove excess gum which can make your teeth look small.

The cosmetic dentists and technicians at Camden Place Dental Practice, Preston, can help you improve your quality of life by transforming the appearance of your smile. If you’re interested in any of the procedures stated then please contact us here, or call 01772 556 050 and book a consultation to start your Smile Makeover journey.

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Private Dentist Camden Place Preston

Dental Hygiene: Are you getting regular check-ups?

Keeping your mouth looking clean and healthy should be important to you. But, keeping up to date with appointments that you’d probably rather not attend should also be just as important.

Many of us would rather not visit the dentist for a check-up but trust us it’s in your best interests to do it. You need to listen to what your dentist tells you, if they recommend an appointment in 3 months or 6 months it’s usually for a reason.

Why do I need a dental check-up?

These dental check-ups allow your dentist to see if you have any dental issues which need resolving and help you maintain a healthy mouth. Leaving any problems untreated can not only make them more difficult to remedy in the future, but it can also affect your overall health and well-being. Doing this helps identify problems early or even prevent them entirely.

Problems such as oral cancer, plaque, tartar, cavities and gum disease are just some of the reasons you should be visiting your dentist for a check-up on a regular basis. Leaving some of these issues without diagnosis can not only cause your oral health to deteriorate they can also very quickly become life threatening. Your dentist will be able to spot any of the symptoms associated and inform you on what would be the best option for you to take.

Keeping your mouth clean also helps to maintain your oral health. Here at Camden Place Dental Practice Preston we take pride in providing our patients with the best available care. Our Dental Hygienist, Justine, plays an essential role in preventing gum disease, tooth decay and other related dental issues.

Her role includes scaling teeth, polishing teeth, cleaning teeth and applying topical fluoride and fissure sealants. Justine is a wonderful and essential part of the Camden Place Dental Practice team and provides a high level of patient care and customer service to those who visit us in clinic.

If you have any queries regarding a dental check-up or are interested in booking a dental hygiene appointment at our Preston practice please contact us here or call 01772 556 050.

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Dentures and Dental Implants Preston

Preston’s Leading Dental Implant Dentist

Expert Dental Implant Dentistry!

Here at Camden Place Dental Practice, Preston, we are proud to be one of the North West’s leading clinics for dental implant surgery. Our team of highly qualified staff and surgeons make us the perfect choice for your dental implant needs.

Dr. Hamza Sheikh, our lead implant dentist, was one of the youngest dentists to ever achieve the accolade of a Masters (Msc) in Dental Implantology and has since placed and restored thousands of dental implants in the past couple of years at Camden Place Dental Practice, Preston.

Dr. Sheikh now uses minimally-invasive surgical techniques to make the dental implant procedure a more pain-free and pleasant experience for his patients. Using this method, Dr. Sheikh not only provides a more comfortable journey for the patient, he also ensures a guaranteed treatment success. This is why most of our patients report little to no discomfort post-surgery from their dental implants.

Dental implant treatments can include immediate dental implants, implants for single tooth replacements, implants for the replacement of multiple teeth, full jaw replacement (both fixed and removable) and even implants to anchor dentures.

At Camden Place Preston, we work with you to find the best solution to your dental problem. We offer a free complementary consultation with our dental implant dentists at our Preston clinic so you can get a full understanding of what will work best for you and your teeth. We take x-rays of the mouth and have an extensive discussion with you to determine the best possible implant option for you. In case you are nervous about the procedure we are happy to offer intravenous sedation to help you relax and eliminate feelings of anxiety and pain.

Not only does Dr. Sheikh work with patients in the surgery, he also lectures on various dental implant topics as well as mentors other dentists training in this field.

If you are interested in finding out more about dental implant treatments available from Camden Place Preston, or you are a dentist and want to learn more about dental implant dentistry, please feel free to contact the practice on 01772 556 050 or get in touch via our contact page. You can also find more information on dental implants here.

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