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Alan Cooksey

A bridge on natural teeth had failed after many years being used by Alan, so we decided to add an implant-supported bridge, which was the most obvious choice, as it was more beneficial for the patient.


Alan had two natural teeth which were supported by a four-teeth bridge. However, one of the supporting teeth had become decayed and beyond repair, causing issues in the mouth. This was on the upper jaw on the left-hand side and was a large bridge which did all the chewing on this side.

Clinical Situation

Due to the condition of the mouth and the remaining teeth, there were no other teeth strong enough that could be utilised to support a replacement bridge for the patient.


The decaying supporting tooth had to be removed from the mouth and a new bridge – this time supported on 2 dental implants – had to be placed. This restored the chewing completely, and resulted in a very happy patient who was able to eat without any issues.


It is a common occurrence when bridges supported on natural teeth have served well for many years but are now beyond repair due to years of general ‘wear and tear’ in the mouth. Usually the teeth are beyond repair, so implant-supported bridges are the ideal and only replacement option to have fixed teeth for the patient. The alternative would be a plastic denture, which would not be the best option for the patient, and could have some cosmetic implications.