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Barbara came to us for a second opinion regarding dental implants to replace her upper failing teeth. Since coming to us, Barbara hasn’t looked back!


Barbara had several badly decayed and loose teeth on the upper jaw. She presented having seen the same dentist for 20 years, who had now proposed implant treatment which seemed to her very invasive and long-drawn. She presented to us to seek an opinion because we are ‘the implant practice’.

Clinical Situation

It was obvious to see that Barbara would lose most of her upper teeth, saving only 3 teeth which would be of no real benefit. She did not want to wear a denture. She never had and never wanted to!


Given this situation and Barbara’s demands, the simplest and best proposal was to extract all of the upper teeth – with many needing to come out anyway – and place 4 implants with fixed teeth all on the same day!

After the implants had healed – with the fixed teeth – a new bridge was made, transforming Barbara’s smile and improving her chewing.


This treatment avoided the need to wear a denture, avoided bone grafting and gave Barbara fixed teeth in a space of a few hours of her original teeth coming out.

Barbara was so happy with the implant treatment that she received that she has had a further 2 single implants in the lower jaw to replace her missing back teeth. She is now considering having her lower front teeth re-crowned to completely transform, not just her smile, but her whole mouth!

Barbara now is a Practice Plan member of Camden Place Dental Practice and visits us for her regular check-ups and hygienist appointments. This way, we will ensure that her investment is a one-off!