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D.G. – Same Day Implants

Same Day Implants – ‘Denture makes me gag’ – Fixed teeth in a day!


D.G has been wearing an upper denture for several years and no longer wanted it anymore because she felt like she would ‘swallow it’ and consequently made her gag with it in.

Clinical Situation

There was only a single tooth left in the upper jaw so the partial denture re placed all the other teeth in the jaw. The lower teeth were worn and also had a poor appearance, although were all good enough to keep.


We organised a few hygienist appointments to improve the health of the gums and ‘clean up’ all the lower teeth. For the upper jaw, the last remainder tooth was removed and 5 implants placed for fixed teeth. This was done in 1 day! After a 4 month healing period, a permanent, stronger and more pleasing bridge was placed. The lower teeth were conservatively managed to transform their appearance by simply adding composite fillings to their front surfaces.


Same day implants and teeth was an ideal solution for Delia – it eliminated her denture and gave her fixed teeth instantly! The lower teeth were treated without having to destroy them for veneers or crowns – the lower teeth simply had composites added to them, completely enhancing their appearance.

This was truly a whole mouth makeover.