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Has your root canal treatment work? If not, you replace the tooth with an implant.


Dr MFB had 2 failed root canal treatments to her lower first molar tooth. Despite best efforts, the symptoms stemming from this tooth would not stop. Dr MFB was left with no choice but to opt for an extraction and replace her important chewing tooth with an implant replacement.

Clinical Situation

The lower molar was tender on tapping and severely symptomatic despite 2 failed root fillings. In terms of expense and time, it would be a pointless root filling a third time and then followed by a crown. Single tooth implant replacements offer a far better prognosis and success in the long-term.


The root filled tooth was removed gently, preserving as much bone structure as possible for the subsequent implant placement. Once the original tooth was removed, an implant went straight in. After 3 months of implant healing, an implant crown was placed.


Root canal treatments for a molar cost – in the hands of a specialist – upwards of £700. A crown on top of a root filled tooth is usually necessary and can set you back a further £400-£600. A great alternative is to just have the tooth removed and replaced with an implant. The cost may be slightly higher, but the investment in the long run is well worth it.

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