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E.H. – Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover with Emax veneers


E.H did not like the alignment of his teeth. He had never had braces as a teenager and did not want them now. He was looking for a quicker option to straightening his teeth, making them brighter and improving his general smile.

Clinical Situation

E.H presented with inflamed gum (gingivitis), which had to be addressed prior to any planning for smile makeover. Once the gums were stable and healthy, we could then proceed with transforming his smile.


A few hygienist visits and changing E.H’s oral hygiene techniques led to a dramatic improvement in the condition of his gums, from a red, swollen, inflamed appearance to a healthy pink colour. Once this was attained, a mock-up of the smile design was done and approved prior to veneering his front 6 smiling teeth with the finest all porcelain veneers.


Prior to delivering cosmetic treatments, the most crucial aspect of treatment is to restore the health of the teeth and surrounding gums. Healthy gums and teeth need to be kept for a whole life-time! At Camden Place, we take a holistic approach to treatment to meet the patient’s needs and desires.