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Gillian Parkinson – Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth – Spanish school teacher could not ever wear a denture in front of her students!


The patient had a history of gum disease, which had led to all of the upper teeth – front smiling as well as back chewing ones – to become loose over a period of several years. Now, the time had come for the patient to have something more permanent and secure in the mouth. Dentures were not a preferred choice given the nature of Mrs Parkinson’s occupation, teaching Spanish to young school children.

Clinical Situation

Due to the patient’s history of gum disease, most of the upper teeth had become loose and poor in appearance as a result of many years of the effects gum disease. The gums and bone had both receded, therefore they would not be suitable.


In order to resolve this issue we proposed the Same Day Teeth option, which avoided the need to wear a denture and would result in fixed teeth for the patient.


Being a Spanish schoolteacher, speech was of paramount importance to the patient and with a denture this would be affected considerably as well as the ability to comfortable chew. The Same Day Treatment option became an obvious choice.