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H.M. – Implants

Implants – Loose teeth due to gum disease. Wants to enjoy his food with a thick plastic plate – SAME DAY IMPLANTS AND TEETH.


Our patient wanted to have more stable teeth to use when chewing. All of the patients current teeth were becoming loose and were being lost one by one. Our patient had not worn a denture and didn’t want to wear a denture either. The ideal solution to this was the Same Day Teeth option which we offer from our practice.

Clinical Situation

The patient had a lot of ‘gum disease’ affecting the upper teeth which had led to bone loss, gum shrinkage and loose teeth, all of which needed to be removed.


The loose teeth needed removing and placement of implants with fixed teeth all in 1 day was the most ideal solution. This avoided the need for a denture.


Whether it may be decaying teeth, teeth affected by gum disease or teeth lost several years ago, this same day solution completely transform a smile and restores function.