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Kathleen Smalley – Implant Bridge

Implant bridge used to replace front teeth, creating a bright new smile!


The patient had a bridge on natural teeth which replaced three of their front teeth, but as so often happens after many years in use, the supporting teeth became loose and beyond repair. This made the denture uncomfortable and no longer usable for the patient.

Clinical Situation

As the patient’s front teeth were beyond repair and needed removal, a denture was not an acceptable option. Using a denture would have hindered the patient’s speech further and would have meant they had further difficulty eating and chewing.


We decided that the best solution would be to remove the bridge and the patient’s supporting teeth. We then placed two dental implants to help support a three-teeth implant bridge.


Not only did this avoid the need to wear a denture long-term, the result was a transformation of Mrs Smalley’s smile.