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Implants in Budapest or closer to home in Preston?


L.H had an implant consultation in London for treatment which was going to be done in Budapest (Hungary). She admitted implant treatment would be a lot cheaper overseas, but was unsure of proceeding with it, which brought her to Camden Place Dental Practice for a second opinion.

Clinical Situation

L.H had missing teeth for over 30 years and wanted to replace her upper full denture with fixed implant-retained teeth. The proposal from the surgeon in London was to carry out the treatment in Hungary using multiple ‘mini implants’ given the thin bone she had from all the years of bone loss since losing her teeth.


We proposed bone grafting with ‘sinus lifting’ and 6 implants evenly spread across the jaw and fixed 12-teeth bridge. No more dentures! This would be a long-lasting solution rather than mini-implants.

And we made it happen.


We immediately dismissed mini-implants as a solution because we offer long-lasting solutions to all our patients using reputable, tried and tested conventional implants. To many unknown implants are being used across Europe and the world, most of which do not have any medical evidence backing their use.

L.H was requested to ask herself the following questions before having cheaper treatment abroad and all patients are advised of the same:

  • What quality of the implants are they?
  • Are they conventional implants?
  • Are the dentists and practices regulated by governing bodies such as the GDC and CQC?
  • What if there are complications when I am back at home?
  • Will any dentist in this country inherit someone else’s mess?
  • Wouldn’t the cost of going back and forth, in terms of travel and accommodation, equate to the same expense as having treatment in this country?

L.H is now ever so grateful for having treatment here at Camden Place Dental Practice. It was a job well done with no regrets of her choice of place to have treatment.

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