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Lorraine Tillett

Smile makeover with implants and normal crowns.


Lorraine presented to us on the recommendation of her general dental practitioner for implants to replace her 3-teeth denture replacing her 3 front smiling teeth on the left side. Lorraine also had old crowns on 2 other smiling teeth which she wanted changing at the same time for a more symmetrical and improved smile.

Clinical Situation

The upper denture was replacing her upper left incisor and canine teeth. The adjacent teeth had old crowns where the grey line around the gum line was visible and did not look good!


A smile makeover with fixed teeth was achieved with 2 implants to support a 3-teeth bridge and the crowns on the other 2 adjacent teeth were changed at the same time to match the aesthetics and help achieve a symmetrical smile.


Although 3 teeth were missing, we placed only 2 implants (as opposed to 3 individual ones) to replace the 3 missing teeth.

The implant bridge and conventional crowns were replaced using a special porcelain – known as Emax – which have the most natural appearance.


Lateral Incisor

A large cavity in a tooth within the smile-line can easily be filled with a tooth-colour composite filling in a space of 30 minutes. This is a great alternative to having a crown and much more conservative because it hard involves any drilling!


Upper left incisor and canine teeth were ‘reshaped’ using composite fillings to make them look more like the teeth on the right side. Again, this was completely conservative and involved no drilling. Crowns or veneers are the alternative options.


Chipping of the front teeth due to weakened enamel was covered with the same colour of composite as the adjacent tooth surface.