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Single Implant | Mr and Mrs Bennett

Husband and wife both have a single implant tooth to replace their back chewing molars.


Infected molar teeth that needed either a root canal treatment or an extraction to eliminate the infection. If an extraction is chosen for a molar tooth – crucial for chewing – then replacement with an implant becomes ideal. There’s no point wearing a denture for a single tooth!

Clinical Situation

The offending teeth needed an extraction or a root canal treatment to save the infected tooth. At the same time, it had to be accepted that root canal treatments would have a lower rate of success. Removal of the tooth and replacement with an implant crown, which is completely fixed an permanent was considered to be a great alternative option.


The proposal was to remove the infected tooth and replace them with an implant tooth. This avoided the need for time-consuming root canal treatments.


Back chewing molar teeth are important to breakdown you food and sometimes the costs involved for root canal treatment and a crown means that an implant tooth, comparatively, becomes a great alternative option. Both Mr and Mrs Bennett seemed to think so!