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Maureen Masih

Decades of denture wearing and inability to wear a lower denture solved by implant dentures. No more denture glue!


Mrs Masih had none of her natural teeth and had worn an upper full denture for many years. She had tried with a lower full denture, but could not tolerate this, so avoided wearing one altogether.

Clinical Situation

With shrunken gums and bone, it was obvious to see why the lower denture was not stabile enough to be comfortable and retentive to wear. The upper denture was stable enough, but could be improved.


4 implants in the upper jaw and 2 implants in the lower jaw were placed to help ‘click’ full dentures to stabilise them during chewing.


This allowed dentures to be worn during chewing without denture glue. Even a lower denture with minimal bone and poor stability was resolved with 2 implants to latch on to.