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M.T | Dentures to Fixed Teeth

50 year wait to have fixed teeth comes to an end. No more dentures!


Molly lost all her upper and lower teeth during her teenage years. At the age of 72, Molly had finally realised her dream of throwing away her dentures for fixed and permanent teeth using dental implants.

Clinical Situation

Loss of teeth leads to bone loss. The bone progressively continues to reduce in quantity and quality after removal of your natural teeth. Molly had absolutely minimal bone and the ridges – where implants are placed – were completely knife-edge thin!


With our surgical experience and skills with bone grafting techniques, we were able to augment Molly’s jaw to replace the bone loss resulting from 50 years of no teeth.

Using ‘sinus lifting’ techniques we were able to increase the volume of bone available for the placement of implants. In total 6 implants were placed and fixed teeth were delivered after an implant healing period of 3 months.


Molly says, ‘I have waited for this all my life; I now have fixed teeth! I have always dreamed of this day and you have made it happen’.

Even in extreme cases such as this, where tooth loss from several decades ago has diminished the bone available for placing dental implants, we are able to place dental implants by bone augmentation procedures. The treatment time-line is longer than our Sam Day Implants and Teeth, but a 6-9 month wait is nothing for when someone who has waited 50 years!