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Fixed Teeth | Roy Rich

Recommended by own dentist for implant FIXED teeth.


Mr Rich’s lower back chewing teeth were missing and the front teeth were taking the loading of chewing, which led to them becoming loose as well. Eating became a problem.

Clinical Situation

There were only 9 teeth left compared to 14 functional teeth that are usually present for chewing. 4 of these 9 teeth were loose due to a combination of gum disease and overloading since the loss of the back chewing teeth. The loss of 4 further teeth would leave only 5 teeth to chew! Mr Rich did not want to wear a denture.


We proposed the Same Day Teeth concept and now dentures! On the day of the treatment Mr Rich loss all the last remaining lower teeth and got 4 implants with fixed teeth. After a healing period of 4 months, his own dentist made a permanent bridge to restore complete chewing efficiency.


There was no point keeping 5 teeth after the loss of 4 more of the 9 remaining teeth. Working around these 5 last remaining teeth would have meant more implants and a higher cost. The Same Day Teeth concept with 4 implants and fixed teeth resolved all of Mr Rich’s problems and restored his chewing function.