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Front Tooth Replacement | R.S

For most people, the front tooth is the most important. Implants give an uncompromised solution.


Being a doctor and having to see patients face-to-face on a daily basis for the next 30 years of his life, R.S wanted a definitive and permanent solution for his troublesome front tooth. Originally the tooth broke because of an accident and had a root canal treatment, post and crown.

Clinical Situation

The front tooth was infected and painful and eventually extracted. The source of infection was due to a root breakage that inevitably can happen when a metal post is inserted in to any tooth, especially single rooted ones like your front incisor.


The best long-term solution was a single implant. A denture for a front tooth for the rest of your life is unthinkable! The single implant, with good-care, is a life-long investment. It also has the most natural and pleasing appearance.


Single implants have close to a 100% success rate in the right cases and there is no reason why they shouldn’t last a life-time. If it’s an important tooth or teeth, which show on smiling, implants can provide the best and most natural appearance.